TPLF Trying to Raise Million Person Army to Wage Another Devastating War: Foreign Journalist, Observer

TPLF is trying to create a million person army and recruit again from the enormously depleted Tigray population to wage war, a foreign journalist and observer of northern Ethiopian conflict disclosed.

Scoop Independent News Editor-in-Chief, Alastair Thompson, who is recently in Ethiopia and visited the war-torn areas of the northern part of the country, told the Ethiopian News Agency that the intention of the TPLF is to wage another war.

“The intention of the TPLF is to wage another war, and if the international community fails to act there will be another war here with all the massive consequences,” he stated.

In his press statement last week, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said the terrorist group is mobilizing a massive number of fighters to areas adjacent to the Amhara and Afar regions to wage another devastating war.

Thompson, who was asked about the scenario that TPLF would launch another attack, responded that TPLF seems to be intent on rearming and re-attacking.

“TPLF has announced it is trying to create a million person army and that it is trying to recruit again from an already enormously depleted population because hundreds of thousands of them may have already died in the war.”  

He also cited William Davison, a sympathizer for the terrorist TPLF, as announcing in Crisis Group news that two Antonov planes of arms that could have contained weapons from Sudan have flown into Shire Airport in Tigray .  

According to the Editor-in-Chief, “Sudan is the traditional army’s route for TPLF. I am very concerned that those airplanes contained modern little weapons such as switchblades and javelins.” 

He added that the encroachment would result in massive suffering and further economic debilitation  of Ethiopia in addition to the psychological trauma in the country.

Speaking about his visit to the war-torn areas, particularly the Welkait, Tsegede and Telemet areas, Thompson shared his horrific memories about the mass graves and war crimes committed by TPLF during the past decades.

In this regard, he stressed the need for further investigation in Welkait,Tsegede and Telemt areas by inviting genocide researchers around the world.

It is to be recalled that researchers from the University of Gondar discovered mass graves of ethnic Amharas massacred by TPLF’s tyrannical administration in the past 40 years.

Noting that researchers from University of Gondar had identified around 20 mass grave locations, the journalist believes that there could be many mass graves in that areas.

Therefore, Thompson pointed out that as the University of Gondar has proposed itself to setup a research center into genocide, “it could then invite genocide researchers from all around the world. Then you will have a large group of academics assisting with that in addition to criminal investigation into what happened.” 

The journalist and observer finally urged the government to provide sufficient resources to enable the investigation to continue


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