And The Torture Goes On : American Democracy In The 21st Century

We all remember the scandal of the 21st century : The violations of the US troops against the Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghuraib . It seems like this “Democratic” idiology has passed to the Corrupt Iraqi government which is backed by the US government .
The following story is told by one of the detainees in the Criminal Investigation Service in Maliki’s government about the methods of torture adopted by Maliki’s government . 
He says the first thing they are doing is completely stripping the accused and they consider stripping as the most important mean of psychological torture and refraction , then the interrogation starts with the continuous torture , then the interrogators offer the detainee a list of crimes and force him to adopt one of them !
Among the methods of torture used by the Maliki government :
– Full body electrocution .
– Electrocuting the genital area.
– Removing nails by inserting knives under the nail and forcing the nails out .
– As well as removing the teeth by using screwdrivers .
– Genital strain and harassment of the detainee by preventing him from urinating .
– Pinning the naked detainee to the wall .

– The introduction of water filled bottles in the genital area .
–  Hammering nails in the palm of the detainee’s hands and forcing him to stand by the wall for long hours.
– Sticking pins in the body of the detainee, especially in the fingers and electrocuting the body through the pins .
– The bare and blindfolded detainee is introduced to a room with walls with prominent nails and the interrogator kicks the detainee and pushes him against these walls .
– Tying the detainee with a bed and hitting the soles of his feet with a thick water hose .
– Tying the detainee upside down with a fan and whipping him with electric cables or with water hose filled with stones .

– Extinguishing cigarettes on the detainee’s body or his anus .
– Dislocating the shoulders of the detainee by pulling their hand so stong till the bone is dislocated .
– Grill Torturing : where the hands and feet of the detainee are tied well then the detainee is dangled over fire or is put inside a large pot which which is over fire.
– Putting the  naked detainee with a cat in a big bag so that the cat panics and attacks the detainee with its claws .
– Forcing the naked detainee to sit on sharp bottles and forcing these bottles into his behind.
–  All kinds of verbal abuse .
– All kinds of sexual abuse and forcing the detainee to rape other detainees otherwise the interrogator will rape him .
– The interrogators threaten the detainee to bring his mother or his sister or his wife and rape them in front of him, if he doesn’t adopt a crime while he’s innocent .
– In many cases , the family of the detainee is brought and tortured and raped infront of the detainee .
– Female detainees suffer all of the above mentioned methods of torture and rape and are forced to strip naked in front of the interrogatores who are mostly masked so that they dont get recognised.
Here’s a full video of an Iraqi detainee being tortured and electrocuted to death by the corrupt government forces, warning : painful scenes :

The current Iraqi government consists of a bunch of theives and prior mercinary members, most of them are non Iraqi in origin ! Thus they don’t care for Iraq or Iraqi people . A bunch of criminals that support the American occupation of  Iraq , moreover, the occupation supports such criminals . Because the presence of each depends on the other and Iraqi people are the victims !
To whoever reads this story, what if you or your loved ones were in the place of these detainees ? How would you feel? Would you want people to claim your right? To bring you justice?? 
It is our duty and obligation to claim the rights of these innocent people ..
America, is this the democracy that you brought us ??


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