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bbc exposed

On September 19, 2021, The BBC published a Fact Check article [by Peter Mwai] about misleading images regarding a famine in Wollo, Ethiopia. The BBC purposefully cherry picked small individual twitter accounts to weave a narrative of an exaggerated famine facing the people of Wollo, Ethiopia – one of many victims of TPLFs genocidal campaign. For months, the BBC has intentionally ignored much more influential & institutional voices parroting false Pro-TPLF & Anti Ethiopian propaganda – never bothering to “Fact Check” them despite many Ethiopians public protests and continuous debunking.

Public opinion in Ethiopia is clear. BBC is not neutral; they are engaged in lethal journalism campaign against Ethiopia to gaslight and support a terrorist agenda – one that aims to downplay the suffering of Ethiopians and confuse the perpetrator & the victim.

BBC is NOT neutral! BBC is a HOSTILE participant in the propaganda war against Ethiopia. FULL STOP.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent.

– Malcom X

Editor’s Notes

Dear BBC, you had months to correct your stance while Ethiopians voiced their concerns – now it is too late. Any corrections you make from now on is to hide your culpability in either: (a) a low standard of journalism, at best; or (b) a lethal journalism campaign to support terrorists, at worst. In the eyes of many Africans, you have become the poster child of propaganda news. Ethiopians around the world view your reporting as part of the orchestrated disinformation campaign to deceive the world. I call upon all people around the world to amplify this message and expose their bias.

Who fact checks the fact checkers?

If we remain silent, all news will be #FakeNews

Human Rights Watch

Gerry Simpson

Human Rights Watch

Gerry Simpson

House of Lords of the United Kingdom

Lord David Alton

Former BBC News Editor

Martin Plaut

Human Rights Watch

Gerry Simpson

The New York Times

Decan Walsh & US Senator Chris Coons

Amnesty International


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