#BreakTheSilence Twitter campaign

10th of April, 2022: #BreakTheSilence Twitter campaign


#MeToo #BreakTheSilence on sexual violence against women and children in #Ethiopia by Tigrayan rebel fighters. Click To Tweet "The so-called  "human rights" industry is nothing more than a cover for US imperialism."  @BenjaminNorton cc: @hrw @amnestyinternational It appears that many of us are aware, and we simply needed to #BreakTheSilence and say #nomore. Click To Tweet Washington, DC It is *critical* that you show up on Sunday for the future of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia. Please and thank you. #BreakTheSilence #noMore https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FP2eLm9VIAA3enE?format=jpg&name=small Click To Tweet In 2015, R. Mugabe told Putin, "I have sanctions, and you have sanctions as well." The West and the US have long sanctioned Zimbabwe and Russia. #EndZimbabweSanctions #BreakTheSilence #CancelHR6600 #SanctiomsKILL #ZimbabweanLivesMatter Click To Tweet The Selective Concern of the @hrw was demonstrated by its silence on the TPLF's heinous human rights violations in Amhara and Afar while raising an outcry over the manufactured animated cartoon fake reports. #NoMore #BreakTheSilence https://t.co/b21vctOOTh Click To Tweet TODAY: #BreakTheSilence at the @WhiteHouse. Tell @JoeBiden to stop his war on #Ethiopia & #Eritrea. #nomore https://t.co/P0q7UJmflM Click To Tweet The goal of neocolonialism is to reduce #African state sovereignty to "flag independence." As an African, you must confront the realities of neocolonialism. Refusing to confront it is a betrayal of the continent's poor peoples' well-being. #NoMoreSilence #BreakTheSilence Click To Tweet "..the #NoMore Movt is calling all its members & allies worldwide to #BreakTheSilence during month of April not only on imperialism throughout Africa but also its proxies that employ-or are complacent w disinfo, division & war against exploited ppl"@HermelaTV @djsb Click To Tweet TearsOfWolkay it is a MUST see docu on the TPLF's attempt to exterminate the indigenous #Amhara natives of NW #Ethiopia (the #Wolkait corridor), after they annexed & called it "Western Tigray." #NoMoreSilence #BreakTheSilence Click To Tweet TODAY'S EVENT ALERT & WEEKLY SAME TIME AND PLACEBeginning on Sunday, April 10, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. ESTRally in opposition to H.R. 6600 and S.3199 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. Please retweet and share this message with your network. #BreakTheSilence Click To Tweet Zimbabwean Engineers working hand in hand with #Chinese Engineers to build ??. US & its Western Mafia Allies busy sanctioning Zimbabwe, while China providing funding, transfer skills & changing Zim energy sector #EndZimbabweSanctions #SanctionsKILL #BreakTheSilence Click To Tweet Sanctions imposed by the United States have never been effective in achieving the goal for which they were  intended. Instead, it has resulted in economic  misery, displacement, and a  refugee crisis all  over the world. @maya_diko #CancelHR6600 #RejectS3199 Click To Tweet


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