#BreakTheSilence Twitter campaign

April 8, 2022: Twitter campaign on #BreakTheSilence

The MSM and its collaborators are cranking up the "savage ethnic cleansing Africans" narrative once more, while helping actual savages (TPLF) in their attempt to destabilize Ethiopia's government. #NoMore #BreakTheSilence Share on X The TPLF in Tigray is the murderer, not the victim, as the MSM and certain unscrupulous human rights organizations assert. For decades, the TPLF has been accused of ethnic cleansing Amharas in Ethiopia's Welkait-Tegede region, which the organization seized as "Welkait-Tegede" in… Share on X Some of these ostensibly "independent international human rights organizations" are the ones ensuring that people in Africa be denied their basic human rights. In Ethiopia/Eritrea, @hrw and @amnesty appear to be tools of regime change. Once you've seen it, you'll know what I'm… Share on X Days after a dozen mass graves were discovered in North Gonder, #Ethiopia,demonstrating the scale of the TPLF's atrocities against the region's Amhara people, the white saviors @hrwreleased a make-believe cartoon video in which the victims are gaslighted #NoMore #BreakTheSilence Share on X Share on X #BreakTheSilence "Western Tigray" is a TPLF creation when it came to power in 91. "..TPLF included Amhara & Afar territories into Tigray for direct access to Sudan border while separating Amhara region from Eritrea." @LSEnews #nomore revisionist history. Share on X #BreakTheSilence on 'Western Tigray' "One of the Amhara regions annexed & settled by TPLF [in 91] is Welkait. Ppl who kept their Amhara id were harassed, dispossessed, killed, arrested, kidnapped…" – Lalji Inst for Africa at #nomore https://bit.ly/36O7djj Share on X Congress bill sets stage for armed insurgency in Horn of Africa. S3199 refers to TPLF terrorists as "officials," "leadership." TPLF attacked Ethiopia Defense for Nov2020 attempted coup. #NoMore backing terrorists @SenatorMenendez @SenSchu #BreakTheSilence Share on X "In every family, there are untold stories of disappearances, killing, horror… in #Wolkait Gonder, an Amhara land forcefully annexed into #Tigray by the TPLF terrorist group. I #BreakTheSilence for my family members & all all of those who are still missing. #nomore Share on X Ethiopia has requested that the UN Health Organization investigate its head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, for "harmful misinformation" and "misconduct," accusing him of supporting TPLF rebels in his native war-torn Tigray region. #BreakTheSilence #nomore Share on X


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