The USA wins the Ukraine war:

Guest article by Gabor Steingart The US supports Ukraine like no other country in the world. But the help is not completely selfless. Because even

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Seven deadly sins of the US

By Zhang Zhouxiang | Updated: Dec, 2022 In Christianity, there are seven deadly sins. The US is guilty of all of them. Pride When it comes

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The End of Dollar Hegemony

All the commodities in the world are priced – and mostly sold – in US dollar. This means that countries need to get hold of and accumulate US dollars (which will be held in US banks). For example, India needs US dollars if it wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia or electronics from China. This is the so-called Petrodollar regime.

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የዓለም አቀፍ ርዳታ ጥቋቁር ምዕራፎች

በካሪቢያን ኃይቅ የምትገኘው ደሴታዊት ሀገር ሐይቲ ከአስር አመት በፊት የደረሰባት ሱናሚ 200,000 ዜጎቿን ህይወት ተቀጠፈ። የአደጋው አሳዛኝ ፎቶዎች በመላው ዓለም ሲሰራጩ ለርዳታና ለመልሶ ግንባታ ተከታታይ

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Don’t lose Africa

BY PRINCE MICHAEL OCOMMENT BY PRINCE MICHAEL OF LIECHTENSTEINBY PRINCE MICHAEL Africa is the continent of the future. Yet Europe and the United States are not paying enough

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Western Scenario Speculations on 2020 to Ethiopia

The best-case scenario is that some combination of a military stalemate (or fear thereof), international pressure, or the exigencies of domestic politics force Abiy’s government and the TPLF to begrudgingly accept a ceasefire that could serve as the basis for a mediation effort. Unfortunately, the escalation in fighting that has occurred over the past several days makes a cessation of hostilities unlikely in the near-term. It is not out of the question, however, particularly if Abiy’s “limited and achievable” operation is stymied in the coming weeks, as seems likely. Each side, but particularly Abiy’s government, would have reason to seek de-escalation rather than a protracted conflict given that each faces immense challenges that such a conflict is likely to distract from, if not exacerbate

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In defense of Ethiopia

The United States and Europe, powerful friends who seek a stable Ethiopia and Horn of Africa, should reconsider their Ethiopian policy too. Ascribing moral equivalence to both sides, that policy calls for a ceasefire, accountability for war crimes, and free access for humanitarian workers and media

ኃይሌ ገሪማ: ዓባይ እና ገጽታ ግንባታ

dawit Tesfaye, writer/director በካይሮ 36ኛውን ኢንተርናሽናል ፊልም ፌስቲቫል ተጋብዤ ለመታደም ወደ ግብጽ ስሳፈር 36 የሚለው ቁጥር ደጋግሞ እያቃጨለብኝ ነው፡፡ እኛ ሀገር ለሰላሳ ስድስተኛ ጊዜ የተካሄደ