Foreign volunteers in Ukraine

by Strategika

“The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera broadcast a rather interesting diagram on the countries of origin of the foreign “volunteers” who joined Ukraine to fight against Russian forces. This diagram is based on data provided by the Ukrainian government.

According to these data, 20,000 volunteers or mercenaries from 52 countries joined the Territorial Defense Legion of Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, more than half of these volunteers (53.7%) come from the United States of America, Great Britain and Canada; 6.8% from Germany and oddly enough 2.8% from India.

Among the lot of “volunteers” from the United States and Great Britain, many mercenaries from private companies like X, formerly known as Academy and Blackwater, but also liaison officers, electronic warfare experts and jamming the signal of satellite positioning systems and in this specific case of GPS and Glonass signals. There are also special services teams under ideal cover.

The most interesting part concerns the volunteers from the other countries, for which no statistics were provided: Croatia, Israel, Latvia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland. All these countries are actively collaborating within the framework of the military assistance program for Ukraine.

All of these mercenaries were regrouped in Western Ukraine near the Polish border.

Two centers of regroupings of these foreign mercenaries were the target of strikes by the Russian aerospace forces. The first center near Novoyavorivsk, housing more than a thousand foreign volunteers from Poland, was reportedly hit by Kaliber cruise missiles. Another missile of this type would have fallen on a compact column of foreign volunteers who had just crossed the Polish border. According to the Ukrainian government, these strikes would have caused the death of 35 foreigners. The Russian government announced a death toll of 180. On the ground, two German veterans of the Bundeswehr, sporting beards and Nazi memorial insignia, evoke more than 200 dead and hundreds of wounded. Another British “volunteer” described end-of-the-world scenes with human organs scattered everywhere and a framework that vanished after the strikes, leaving foreigners from several countries to their fate, not knowing which way to go. run away from hell.

“Three Britons killed in missile hell” on the front page of the Mirror, which evokes the death of three former British special forces in a Russian strike which caused the death of more than a hundred foreign “volunteers” in Ukraine from the West.

If professional mercenaries are among the lot, many young addicts to social networks and without any military experience have found themselves in Ukraine. This is the case of a totally dazed-looking Canadian, surrounded by soldiers from the Aidar regiment, reading a proclamation in which he claims that his choice was influenced by … Instagram. There is also the case of a 19-year-old, addicted to the video game “Call of Duty”, who went to Ukraine and went missing. Many of these volunteers died without even being able to see what the country looks like.

A veteran of a special South Korean Navy commando unit (equivalent to the US Navy Seals) and social media star in this country reached Ukraine via Poland before fleeing this country. He declared on his account to have been heavily deceived by the media and that the situation in Ukraine is chaotic and that from a military point there remained only one option vis-a-vis the Russians which is that of the urban guerrilla, a situation which the Russian forces avoid so far by large maneuvers around the cities.

However, the media under control continue their propaganda and present the situation in Ukraine from another angle. They equate Russian tactics of city avoidance and slow progress with weakness and maintain the illusion of a protracted conflict, which is one of the objectives of the Empire’s strategy. Some of these mainstream media even applaud the participation of confirmed war criminals like that of a Canadian army sniper who raged in Afghanistan identified under the pseudonym of Wali. This quasi-fictitious Internet character in his qualification has become both a marketing object and the subject of a myth created from scratch to sell books on Amazon or fascinate credulous Internet users glued to the screens of their smartphones.

In fact, the survival rate on any of the fronts or contact lines in Ukraine is one of the lowest in the world. This conflict is not sanitized and presented with glamor by the Hollywood scripts of Western propaganda (Iraq wars) and even less under total blackout as was the case in Afghanistan. The Danish and Dutch neo-Nazis infiltrated by the new Gladio as well as the fake Israeli veterans are not likely to put themselves forward and will be content with logistics and piloting drones. Young, inexperienced volunteers victimized by social networks will serve as targets and cannon fodder. Survivors will learn on the job the cynicism of the politics of an empire built on lies and theft.”


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