"I Start where the News Story Stop"

Esleman Abay

Interested in deepening the discussion about new Nile projects, the website as a platform explores the engagements of water users, planners and researchers in multiple projects of river basin development. By experimenting with different theories and methodologies of representing river basin development experiences, we aim to open up new perspectives on the simultaneous transformation of the Nile water distribution, differences between its users and categories through which these are known.


Colloquially known as a force, g force is a measure which determines the acceleration produced by Earth’s gravity on an object or individual. Also, it’s also important to

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ሀገሩን የከዳው የሩሲያ ፓይለት ባልታወቁ ሰዎች ተገደለ

የሩሲያ አየር ኃይል ፓይለት የነበረው ኩዝሚኖቭ ከ 6 ወራት በፊት ነበር የሀገሩን ጦር ሄሊኮፕተር ጠልፎ ለዩክሬን አሳልፎ የሰጠው። ፓይለቱ የሀገር ክህደቱን ይፈፅም ዘንድ የዩክሬን ዜግነት እና ከዩክሬይኑ የዜለንስኪ መንግስት የ 500,000 ዶላር የክህደት ሽልማት ለመቀበል በመነጋገር ነበር። ይሁንና ዩክሬይን የገባችለት ቃል ሳይፈፀም መቅረቱ ነው ካካባቢው የመረጃ ምንጮች የተጠቆመው።

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