Why Russia’s Wagner in Africa Become a Growing concerns of the West?

In its OPed the Daily Sabah published on march 14, 2023, we can read the excerpt below:

  “This toxic mix of volatility, terrorism, poverty and weak states in parts of Africa has given Russia opportunities to make inroads in the continent. Having failed to effectively combat terrorist groups on their own, some local state and non-state actors in the Sahel and Central Africa have embraced the Wagner Group, a shadowy Russian mercenary force linked to the Kremlin, as a security partner.”

The West is in denial,the fact that it’s unwilling to acknowledge its institutions destabilise Africa, the continent will continue pushing the West out of Africa. 

For now the West controls the SWIFT system,  once a new payment platform is available the West should anticipate the downgrading of diplomatic relations.

For example,in every $100 dollars the West gives in aid, Africa loses $10,000 dollars.  Countries that have kept the West at arms length have better security, and citizens are happy. 

Before societal collapse, NGOs gaslight communities, entrench victimhood and grievances. Security organs are intimidated with fabricated narratives,  and the state threatened with sanctions.

Courts are compromised into undermining lawenforcement, the media run stories that depicts law enforcement is brutal and incompetent. Within weaks security systems collapses.

Communities that gave intelligence become targets of criminals, distrust comes in. Overnight the West has destroyed trust between the public and the state. 

Violence escalate,  businesses close, the same western countries that sponsor unpatriotic journalists to fabricate stories slap travel advisories, worsening the situation, criminals emboldened that there activities has caught the attention of global powers. 

Families empty out of regions western goverments profile as dangerous.  Example is Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.  Between 2017 – 2023, less than two thousand Mozambicans were victims of terrorism, bizarrely spread over five years,   still this created more than a million displacement.

NGOs are funded to spread fears, governments watch in alarm as Western governments blames African states for insecurity brought about by NGOs malign activities. Many governments are cracking down on provocateurs;

The other western backed news media “Daily Maverick” published and Op-ed as “Zanu-PF passes anti-NGO bill, killing last line of defence for human rights in Zimbabwe“. Below is the except from maverick

“It has become too dangerous to allow NGOs unfettered access to vulnerable groups, Hamito-Semitic and Chadic communities.

These communities are targeted with grievances and radicalised, those  in displacement camps feel oppressed and angry that the state failed to protect them, little do they know that NGOs are one’s fearmongering.

The truth however is, to survive foreign malign nactivities,  governments bring in Russia’s Wagner Group provide African countries with assurance of military support and protection from bullying.


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