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Subject; Speaker at Oslo Freedom Forum
Dear OsloFreedom Forum Lead,
It has come to our attention that the Oslo Freedom Forum has scheduled an event to
celebrate activism, and has invited to speak on this impactful and momentous occasion.
The Ethiopian community across the globe, recommends that the Oslo Freedom Forum
take a good look into the TPLF organization, which Kassa highlights in a positive light
across all of her published works. Kassa has been a prominent pro-TPLF voice, who has
used her platform to elevate the once registered terrorist group’s voice and further
aggravate the conflict in the country and expand the divide and heighten the tension
between the affected areas and communities in the country.
As background, TPLF has committed barbaric atrocities during the 27 years of its reign
and beyond, when it waged a war that killed half a million Ethiopians leaving the country
in an economic turmoil.
We, as the Ethiopian diaspora and those of us living in the country, strongly recommend
that the Oslo Freedom Forum looks into the role that the TPLF has played in
systematically creating the current pandemonium that Ethiopia is faced with.
Here are a few examples of how TPLF members have waged and aggravated the war!
● Alula Solomon, a TPLF member and Director of Tigrayans Association in the US,
CEO of the Tigray Media House, and an influential agenda-setter for the
pro-secessionist nucleus is documented using his social media platform to incite
violence and widen popular divisions. In May 2020, on his media platform he is
seen here saying: “if it is inevitable, war is a traditional game for Tigray”.
● Daniel Berhane, a famous pro-TPLF activist, was also interviewed on the Tigray
Media House a little earlier before the war broke and argued that “war may not be

a bad thing” to stop the tension between the federation and Tigray government
going on since TPLF lost its dominance in the incumbent. Daniel added, “war is
one method of bringing them [the federal government] to negotiation. … we have
to shorten the war process by using preemptive strike if we need to.” That was
exactly what a TPLF official said when they admitted to attacking the northern
command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF).
With all the available studies and evidenced reports, Kassa continues to use her
platform to blast false narratives and amplify false allegations against the Ethiopian
Government, while echoing unverified claims of “Tigray genocide” demonizing the
people of Ethiopia and their elected representatives knowing that UN Human Rights
Office and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on their joint investigation
have pointed out that no genocide was committed in Ethiopia!
By all accounts, Lucy Kassa has failed to present balanced perspectives on the conflict
in Ethiopia and has acquired the reputation for being extremely partisan, here is an
article where she is described as using ethnic slurs to describe Ethiopians where she
transposed a donkey on the Ethiopian flag! Her unverified accusations in her
publications have delivered devastating outcomes in the court of people’s opinion and
also have flamed the conflict and the distrust amongst the people who have coexisted
for over 3000 years.
To the horror of most Ethiopians, Kassa has consistently acted as the mouthpiece of the
TPLF propaganda machine, continuously boosting the violent insurrectionist group to
the world stage, and failing to use her podium and networks to demand accountability,
to demand peace, or ask for a path for enduring solutions.
Rather, she has failed Ethiopians around the globe by not using her platform to provide
propaganda-free, balanced reporting of the conflict by demonstrating time and again
that she is capable of providing reports that lack ethics and integrity on the subject of
In addition, Kassa has shamelessly and falsely made accusations that the Ethiopian
government is carrying out ethnically motivated crimes, applying the immoral trickery to
generate sympathy for the terrorist group that waged a war in the country to achieve its
secessionist goals.
While the Ethiopian community applauds Oslo Freedom Forum’s platform that
highlights activists, we are gravely concerned about your choice of Berhe Kassa as the
optics of celebrating the mouthpiece of TPLF are extremely alarming.
We urge you to reconsider your choice, and highlight activists for peace who are
capable of providing context on the conflict such as political historian Ann Fitz-Gerald
who has released her recent breakthrough and evidence-based scholarly report titled
“The frontline voices: Tigrayans speak on the realities of life under an insurgency
regime”, or other prominent Ethiopian intellectuals such as Tesfaye B. Mersha who has
released a recent insightful article on crimes commited by the Tigrayan Liberation
insurectionist group, or prominent journalists like Hermela Aregawi, who is of Tigrayan

ethnic background yet, has shown professionalism throughout the conflict and has
provided unbiased reporting.
on the war without choosing sides.
We are gravely worried that celebrating an opinion based, and dangerously biased
journalist such as Kassa on on such a highly regarded platform, will embolden the
insurgecy regime TPLF, that is continuing to cause atrocities, such as systemic gang
rape, shelling of entire towns currently in Afar,, destruction of infrastructure like medical
fcilities and schools and committingcrimes in Ethiopia as reported by Amnesty
International and other highly respected scholars and career journalists..


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