Biden must Not Attempt to Build a Divisive Wall between Ethiopia and US by supporting TPLF Terrorists

▪️Such policies, threats, and economic blackmail of Ethiopia are counter productive. If President Biden persists in his efforts to reseccitate the TPLF terrorists, the early 20th Century bonding spirits built between Emperor Menelik II and President Theodore Roosevelt (goodwill friends) will haunt Biden during the rest of his life. He ought to remember that, “United we stand; divided we all fall.”

The Union Army of the United States of America put down, by force of arms, the seceded Southern Confederacy rebels, and the American people built a formidable republic. During WWII European nations coalesced to resist Hitlerite barbaric hegemony and later built the European Union.
Why is Ethiopia, a nation established more than 3000 years ago, prescribed by the EU and US governments from stopping TPLF neo-fascists from tearing Ethiopia apart and creating Ethnic hegemonic Confederacy?

It is unquestionable that International terrorist’s don’t believe they are not restricted by any severiegn nations’ territorial boundaries.

TPLF and Al-Qaeda terrorists are not friends of the American or the Ethiopian people. The first has been burning Ethiopia down for half a century, and the latter tore down the Twin Towers. September 11 (Ethiopia’s New Year’s Holiday) has been stained by the blood shed and lives lost in 2011 in New York City. Ever since, it has been a day of infamy for both nations.

One wonders, even gets amused why the US and the EU leaders “conveniently” erased from their memories, past and recent painful human conflicts and attrocities, and strive to facilitate toxic tribalist genocide in Africa.

I am just asking a rhetorical question, for I know, deep in my heart, that the answer is human greed and lust for economic and political power. The benevolent peace-maker carries a hand-out in one arm and a poison-pill in his pocket. Nevertheless, Ethiopia will prevail.
✍️Bekele Molla




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