Cooperation with Ethiopia on the Nile is the Sole Option for Egypt

Producer at Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, 2020

Establishing wholehearted cooperation with Ethiopia regarding the Nile waters is the only option for Egypt today and even in the future, said Prof. Yacob Arsano, Political Science and International Relation lecturer at Addis Ababa University, and researcher and negotiator on Nile issues.

Informing Addis Zemen, national daily Amharic newspaper, Professor Yacob elucidated that for Egypt is now exacerbating futile attempt and unreservedly seeking other options than cooperating with Ethiopia for mutual benefit and fair utilization of the Nile waters.

“Ethiopia’s Nile water natural right cannot by any means be compromised and set aside. If situations are treated otherwise, it would mean that Ethiopia would not have sovereignty over water rights,” he noted.

“It is hard to imagine that Ethiopians will neglect their interest and deprived of their rights accommodating Egypt’s wrong intentions. No!” he added.

It should be noted that the way Egypt is pursuing is not an apposite way, he said, adding that because Nile River is a cross-border resource, all can benefit from the water resources with care, cooperation and fair treatment.

“Egypt’s interest should not, and it cannot, limit the welfare, rights, and development endeavors of other riparian countries. Egypt’s demand cannot always be imposed on others. It should bring to an end somewhere,” he underscored.

“Does Egypt get any country humbly handle its war? Not only will Ethiopia, but also other Nile basin countries won’t humbly treat Egypt by overlooking their own interests and rights.”

The idea of war is not only wrong but also the reflection of being foolish. Egypt’s intention to meet its water needs through war against Ethiopia is an indication that it does not have interest to grow together and even it lacks expertise to work cooperatively and diplomatically with its sisterly countries especially with Ethiopia, he highlighted.

Egyptians must understand that they have nothing to gain out of war. Egypt and its leaders need reformation that can open their eyes, he added


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