Creating fear among Australian people ; convince against China

When Australia said that it may be going to war with China, the whole world was surprised but it was the reason the Australian leaders gave for going to war with China that even surprised many more people.

The Australian leaders said that because China was preparing to attack Taiwan, it was a responsibility of Australia to defend Taiwan inorder to preserve democracy but many people asked how on earth will Australia defend Taiwan when it can’t even defend itself.

Although many people and analysts were still surprised by Australian leaders sudden change of attitude, Australian prime minister Scott Morrison had been making a plan to enforce his idea of defending Taiwan and that’s where AUKUS alliance comes by but for AUKUS alliance to work, they needed a catalyst hence increasing rhetoric against China to convince Australian people that China was a true threat to Australia.

Scott Morrison and his group knew clearly that playing a Taiwanese card only may not convince Australian people because Taiwan is very far away from Australia and so they added in another issue by saying that China taking Taiwan equals to the end of US empire or American leadership on world stage.

The message in this was that Australia will be at the mercy of China which is not a democracy when US is nolonger a super power which means all people in Asian Pacific will have to adapt to Chinese way of life and remember the Chinese way of life that is usually shown on televisions have most of the part been the dark side of China and its leadership.

Their number one goal here is to create fear among Australian people and become convince that the only way Australia can survive is by supporting US hegemony in the region even if it means taking Australia into economic depression or going to war with China.

Then the question remains what do Australia benefit from supporting US hegemony in the region?well as we all know Australia used to be the sheriff of US in the region and it seems its not yet willing to lose that position to any body else even if it means to go to war with China and that’s where the problem is because Australia alone going to war with China is suicidal  which means making alliances may help hence AUKUS.

What about US, where does US benefit from all this?we US benefit more than any other country from the AUKUS by:-

1.Increasing it hopes of maintaining hegemony.
2. As we all know US has a budget problem so if US can make Australia pay for weapons like nuclear powered submarines that could be used to threaten China and maintain US hegemony, why not give a try.
3. As we all know US military is out matched when compared against China in Asia Pacific region so if by forming AUKUS can increase on their numbers then its once a gamble.
4. As all know US withdraw from Afghanistan was like what former US president killed” a disaster” and had led to many of its allies starting to question its reliability and commitment to their defense hence AUKUS alliance show that US was still serious about its allies and was only shifting goal posts.

Australia has finally decided to pick a side but many analysts are questioning their rationale since that puts them on collusion course with China their biggest trading country.


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