The deadline that Russia gave for the payment of her Gas in Roubles passed But we can all see that Germany is still using Russian Gas.

To an unkeen eye who believes everything they hear on Western Media, one may think RUSSIA has LOST that Chess Move.

However, In this modern age of bilateral diplomacy, sometimes it is not easy to ever tell whether Germany finally paid Russia in ROUBLES and must communicate otherwise or not.

It’s sort of like Paying ransom. You don’t pay and announce that you did. haha.

The same way I have no evidence that Europeans have finally paid “the heavy Ransom” is the same way you don’t any that they haven’t.

But the West have a habit of paying All Ransoms and Keeping Quiet about it. Even America.

Diplomacy has many levels, but most you hear and see make up less than 10% of what Nations usually agree on. Announcing some of those agreements would expose the Nation to another risk somewhere or jeopardize a relationship with another Nation.

Why should Europe Trust America entirely as regards any long term Strategy yet America is always spying on them. Snowdon told us everything. Even Assange Julian.  So yes,, secret deals can be done today between European Nations and Russia and America and her media will never know.  Infact CIA was once accused of trying  to tap Merkel’s phone calls. Europeans do not take America’s security guarantees seriously too ever since Donald Trump Exited Several arrangements they once had that unified them. For example, the EU and USA are heavily divided in the issue of Immigrants and contentious issue played well against Poland and Hungary a few weeks ago. America under Donald Trump withdrew troops from Germany and threatened to Leave NATO if other members do not pay a Fair share of the Defense Bill. They were saved when Trump was Voted out to Power. But assume Donald Trump came back to power a few months from today (very likely) and the War was still ongoing. What guarantee does Europe or Ukraine have that he won’t send Weapons to Russia instead? He was Impeached for Directly Refusing to Fund Ukraine military afterall. The way we all know Trump, Europe would be in SHOCK just the day after he gets to Power. That is why the West may not rely entirely on American Policy as it is NOT continous and predictable due to their very mobile Democracy that does not allow a seating leadership to really seal any deal that the other opposing political Party may not want.

As for BRITAIN, Zelensky must wonder.  How should he and the Polish and the rest of Europe ever expect ANY serious commitments from them? European Nations cannot possibly expect Britain to ever keep her Security or Economic or whatever guarantees as a Promise after the way they BREXITED.

When they were exiting the EU,,,, they showed how Selfish they were. They said they wanted to BE LEFT ALONE by Europe in ALL WAYS.

We saw how Hard they fought to Leave Europe the way she was. Can a person who left you come back to save you because you are collapsing?

Their Interests only is what matters,, just like America. There is therefore no LONG term Strategy binding The West against Russian aggression, China’s or even North Korea’s and Iran’s.

There also is No way Uganda can ever purchase Weapons for and on behalf of the DR Congo and Ever admit it even to our Parliament or the media. Yet we are aware that they actually can.  Internationally, their government would be among those openly condemning such acts by others. So, am highly suspicious that Russia got what they want as ordered but America and Europe will NEVER tell you and me…

Bottom line is, never TRUST whatever comes from either of them. They are not being HONEST and only say what they need you to hear.

As Africans, we can only Trade with them like you are trading with a Drug Dealer. Never even trust what they say. Just get your money and go.
Jago Minyang


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