“Egyptian & Sudanes Generals Plotting with TPLF to Launch Another War”

Simo Parviainen, former European diplomat with Ethiopian News Agency.

Egyptian and Sudanese generals are working with TPLF “against the common adversary in Addis Ababa,” a former European diplomat told Ethiopian News Agency.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Simo Parviainen said TPLF is now desperate and finding partners in Sudan and Egypt to launch another catastrophic war.  

 “I think TPLF now is desperate and they are finding partners in Sudan and Egypt to maybe launch something,” he added.

 “I (also) suspect the generals in Cairo and Khartoum are working now with the TPLF against the common adversary in Addis Ababa. That is the most kind of example to weaken Ethiopia, like they have been doing.”

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia had disclosed that foreign forces fought alongside the Tigrayan fighters in the November and October 2021 battles in Amhara region, where there is still a growing concern about how Egypt and Sudan have been supporting armed groups, particularly the terrorist TPLF.

Various foreign conflict observers and journalists as well as the Ethiopian government have been warning these days that terrorist TPLF is mobilizing a massive number of fighters to areas adjacent to the Amhara and Afar regions to wage another devastating war.

The international affairs expert and seasoned Finish diplomat Parviainen disclosed that TPLF is not only recruiting fighters in Tigray to start another round of war but working with Egyptian and Sudanese generals to create instability.

According to him, the major reason for the alliance of anti-Ethiopia forces from Cairo and Khartoum with the terrorist TPLF is the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) which will be a pressing issue over the coming months.

“What Khartoum and Cairo are doing now? They are using TPLF. The Grand Renaissance Dam is already built and it is operational. It is not to go anywhere. (But) because of  the geopolitics, USA and some western countries are biased towards Egypt. So there is the wider geopolitical question what Sudan, Egypt and maybe the Gulf Arab states feel do influence,” the former European diplomat elaborated.

Ethiopia has therefore to remain vigilant for any threat in this regard, he strressed.

According to him, Sudan is the traditional army’s route for TPLF and the terrorist group is dreaming of the Welkait-Tsegede area, which is the strategic corridor to access such support from the generals in  Khartoum.

“Then you come to the question of Welkait-Tsegede area, a strategic corridor that the TPLF is dreaming of having to Sudan. Because they continue to struggle, maybe forever…. So as  Welkait-Tsegede is a very strategic piece of land, we have to be cognizant of the matter.”  

Speaking about terrorist TPLF leaders who cannot inherently survive without conflict, Parviainen pointed out that they have been amassing trucks and materials obtained from humanitarian agencies in Tigray to start another war.

He further stressed the terrorist group remains agent for foreign enemies to undermine the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

There are clear indications at the moment that propaganda operations through international media outlets are getting stronger to defame Ethiopia, he noted.

Whatever the conspiracies being orchestrated by enemies, Parviainen is confident that the country has a potential to foil any form of threat against its sovereignty.

“Ethiopia will absolutely prevail. Even if the situation is a serious issue, they can be tackled.”

He finally stated that since Ethiopia has been still the most important country for the western countries and for their geopolitical interest, they have to readjust their policy and approach towards the country.

Another observer of the northern Ethiopian conflict, Alastair Thompson also told ENA recently that the TPLF is trying to create a million-person army and recruit again from the enormously depleted Tigray population to wage war.

Moreover, the terrorist group for its terror agenda has been snatching relief supplies from victims in Tigray and hijacking thousands of humanitarian aid trucks to transport its fighters and military logistics


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