Ex-UN Aid Chief Lowcock Involves In Twisting Realities About Ethiopia

In an article entitled: “Ex-UN aid chief Lowcock echoes TPLF talking points” AG stated “The former United Nations (UN) relief chief Mark Lowcock has been accused of writing statements that go beyond criticizing the Ethiopian government, into pushing conspiracy theories advanced by the TPLF rebel group in Tigray.

Some of his claims contradict even moderate rebel voices and independent observers, including the U.N. Development Program (UNDP). And it could also explain why recent Western policy influenced by such misinformation have failed to, both, stop the conflict and depict realities on the ground.”

During that pre-emptive strike by TPLF, hundreds of Ethiopian officers were killed by the rebels in early November. Lowcock’s statements even contradict 2020 statements by the US embassy in Ethiopia and the UN. Development Program (UNDP).

On November 19, 2020, US State Department official Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy Jr recognized the Tigrayan rebels incited and began the war.


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