Is that a coincidence or deliberated act: Coup after Feltman talk?

Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the military chief undertook coup,which might bring more unmanageable crises in Sudan, over Prime Minister AbdallaHamdok after U.S. Special Envoy met him.Is this a coincidence or deliberated act?

Jeffrey Feltman, who almost pushed Lebanon toward civil war when he was ambassador, metBurhan, later there is a coup in Sudan. Feltman touches break beyond repair like, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Yemen are still in chaos as he has played a destructive role in these states.

It is to be recalled that Feltman made comment about Ethiopia and the region that lacks respect and courtesy to African partners contrary to his appointment mission, Ethiopian Ambassador to United States FitsumAregasaid in his Foreign Policy magazine interview.

“As soon as assuming the new responsibility, the diplomat made unsubstantiated claim that the growing alliance of authoritarian leaders Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia has seriously weaken the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional block” but contrary to the special envoy’s opinion IGAD has been executing commendable activities to bring the partnerships of the horn of African countries for peace and development. “

 “Besides his failure to recognize the current situation of the Horn of Africa, he has disrespected leaders of the sovereign states and his attempts to ridicule them sadden the people of respective countries.” His mockery on the partnerships of the three neighboring countries has also an adverse impact in the peace and stability of the region.

 His irresponsible comments could lead volatile Horn of Africa to further chaos whilst his comparison of current situation in Tigray state of Ethiopia with Syria also puts the diplomat’s integrity in question, the source indicated.

Sudan crises may be turned into unmanageable crises due to its political tension and the undertaken coup if not managed in time, said Professor Beruk Hailu, Historian and Political Science Scholar.

If lawlessness is happened in Sudan, it opens ways for anti-peace actors who are working to destabilize the region. Hence, the Sudan military wings have potential to abort the happening of this.

Sudanese are expressing their anger in the situation. This popular uprising if not managed in time, the wave may be extended to other areas. Hence, managing the popular uprising properly help all actors maximize peace journey, he recommended.

Jeffery Feltman warned the military wing in Sudan not to undertake military action over civilian to realize democratic transition, the expert said, but the military wing has taken military action.

Consolidating power by militarywill result in political and economic sanction in Sudan if not appropriately handled, and Ethiopians wish Sudanese people peace, democracy and development.

The Ethiopian Herald October 27/2021




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