Maintaining Military Supremacy Crucial to Defend Ethiopia’s Interests

Ethiopias military power

Keeping military superiority over terrorist TPLF in the ongoing conflict may help the government to have a better position in ensuring the national interests if negotiations would happen as they circulated, according to a well-acclaimed diplomacy and international analyst.

Speaking to The Horn of Africa TV, the analyst Prof. Mohamed Hassan said rejecting negotiations may not result in ending the conflict with victory as the TPLF and its Western backers may utilize the situation to invalidate the government’s commitment for peace. “It seems there would be no rejection of negotiation. Because, rejecting negotiation by its nature could result in diplomatic victory for the opponent side. The people should not be surprised if negotiations are coming in future.”

As to him, the main negotiating points here should be based on defending interests which caused the war. “The West is urging for negotiation aiming to balance the status of the government and TPLF.”

Prof. Mohamed Hassan

The analyst further highlighted that the nature of the war is to safeguard the parasitic system of the West in Africa. Westerners are always based on looting and oppressing the people of Africa. So, they are seen to have a dependent body in the continent. “The government still has the power to manage its interest as the military superiority is on its hand.”

The government is expected to use strategic approaches while negotiating with TPLF and it should keep the military supremacy in the course of the war, Mohamed recommended.


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