Mandela’s arrest warrant NFT sold to help Liliesleaf museum

Non-fungible token marketplace Momint has auctioned an NFT of the arrest warrant of Nobel Peace prize winner Nelson Mandela to help save Liliesleaf, a national heritage site and museum in South Africa.

The firt and only NFT of the arrest warrant – which is also the first official heritage NFT ever created in South Africa, according to Momint – was sold for ZAR1.9m ($129,322). The NFT’s first buyer will be entitled to 5% of any subsequent sale in perpetuity.

The Liliesleaf museum, which served at the secret headquarters and the nerve centre of the ANC during the Apartheid struggle, closed in September last year because of finiancial difficulties, reported South Africa’s New24. The museum’s finances were also severly affected by Covid-19 last year

Nelson Mandela is renowned worldwide for leading the efforts to overthrow South Africa’s policy of apartheid, during which he was  incarcerated at Robin Island Prison for 18 years.

“His warrant of arrest is a unique historic document with worldwide significance. It will immortalize a moment in history by recording it on the blockchain,” said Momint.

Goya NFTs for free in Barcelona

Elsewhere, at the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, all attendees received the NFT of Goya’s Caprice No. 6 titled, No One Knows Each Other last week 

The initiative, which is the result of a partnership between digital asset exchange BridgeTower Capital and a global art fund Artemundi, will include release a series of NFTs featuring the work of acclaimed Spanish artist Francisco Goya over the next year.

“Francisco Goya is frequently recognised for his ability to portray the human condition and we believe this series of NFTs is a unique opportunity to bring the work of this Spanish master to an entirely new audience for appreciation,” said Artemundi CEO Javier Lumbreras.

“Goya’s work transcends time. This piece – Caprice No. 6 – shines a light on our ability to effectively connect. This has never been more relevant today and is at the core of our society within the expanding metaverse.”

Caprice No. 6 is the first of a series of Goya NFTs that will be selected from 80 Caprices that are owned by Artemundi.

The Sound of the Lake at Rinkai, from the series Eight Views of Ryukyu by Katsushika Hokusai
Tourists visit Louvre museum


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