NEW e-BOOK: Media Warfare & Western JournaLIEsm;A Memoire from the conflict in Ethiopia’s North

ByMuktar Adem


USD 18.20Add to CartShareThis book is an account of the struggle for truth. It is a tale of a fierce fight in the media warfare to defend one’s own nation’s will for survival and sovereignty. With the acute insight that distinguishes all great writers, Mr. Muktar has crafted a media warfare story during the recent conflict in the Ethiopia’s North that gets to the heart of what freedom of speech to a poor country is and what the western journalism look like in contorting events, creating narratives and repurposing descriptions of events to suit the agenda of those who need to change regime in Ethiopia. The book spotlights how tech giant companies in Silicon Valley morphed to be media watch dog, editor, censor and platform provider all at the same time. By rigging the game, these companies have played their role in manipulating public perception in their favor in news coverage of the conflict in Ethiopia. This book elucidates how the coordinated and synchronized delivery of a single narrative about the conflict was made possible by thwarting this writer’s and others views with blanket ban refusal of the media platforms so as to outbid the government in narrative management. The writer, as a conscious Ethiopian, shall not claim objectivity in his analysis of the conflict; nevertheless, in reflecting the cause, consequence and context of the problem he has not deliberately omitted or distorted facts to suit Ethiopia’s case.


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