opian Defense regained Wuchale, TPLF aspiration to control Dessie unrealistic


Ethiopian Defense Force reportedly cleared Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters from Wuchale town within hours after the latter claimed victory. 

borkena has confirmed the news from multiple sources in the town of Dessie. Wuchale is slowly returning to normalcy, and those who abandoned their homes are returning. 

At least 30 civilians were reportedly killed on Sunday when TPLF forces indiscriminately shelled civilians targets in the town from nearby mountain.

Meanwhile, the digital information war contingent of TPLF supporters based in the Diaspora and “journalists” like Martin Plaut are claiming that the town of Dessie, which is about 60 kilometers south east of Wuchale, is under the control of TPLF. 

The claim is totally false. borkena spoke to sources from Dessie, on the phone, and has confirmed that the TPLF supporters’ claim is baseless. It is  just a propaganda war.


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