SOMALILAND: Has Genel Energy Discovered Oil in Salaxley?

Days after a war of words over the legality of Genel’s Energy license to explore in Somaliland one of the seven Federal Member States of Somalia (though largely autonomous with little or no control from Mogadishu) there are mixed messages by the regions Ministry of Energy and Minerals that point to an oil find/oil discovery.

Over the past few days, the ministry through its Facebook page has sparingly offered details on results of the well of Salaxley district. In yesterday’s post headlined “Breaking News”  the ministry says “results of the well of Salaxley district became OIL“.

“Soon the Genel Energy will start the search and production of petroleum. The minister of energy and mining and the leaders of Gernel company in Salaxley district sent this message to the community,” the post continues.

A few hours later the ministry  sent out another statement via its Facebook page thanking the Somaliland people for their patience saying it had borne fruit.


“Salaxlay people, Somalis say that patience gets the sacrifice, you were patient and your patience brought you to be the first well that Somaliland was lucky.” MP Abdinaasir Qodax.

Two hours later the Minister for Education Ahmed Mohamed Diiriye (Torno) is quoted by the same page talking about natural resources in Somaliland saying the would help everyone.

Two hours later the page posted a statement from the Minister of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Abdilahi Farah Abdi saying that “The result of the search for the oil of Baha-dhamal is that the real oil is in it.”

The continued mixed messaging from Somaliland are expected to raffle feathers in Mogadishu and its neighboring member state Puntland which lost part of its Nugaal block to Somaliland after licensing it to Range Resources in 2007.

In September 2022 a video started circulating online of an oil find in Somaliland after a company drilling water in Salahley district, Marodijeh region found oil.

Waxa ii sawiran muuse oo dhahay ceelka shidaaalka laga helay waa ceelki hooyadey cadar ???????

— Muj Sarah #SL Majority?? (@waddani_5) September 29, 2022

Last week Somalia through the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources termed Genel Energy’s operations in Somaliland terming illegal sparking a war of words with Somaliland who maintained it had jurisdiction over the licenses.

Genel Energy is yet to offer any statement on either a discovery or the validity of its licenses in Somaliland.


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