State Secret Technologies

You are not allowed to know for certain, but it is okay to believe. Defense secrets tend to be three tiered. The 3rd and lowest level is technology that is written about/disclosed in the defense industry journals and websites.

This is necessary for advertising purposes and is still recognized as effective technologies. These technologies although still can be profitable are known by most large nations and considered obsolete.

The 2nd level technologies are considered state defense secrets and are important technologies that would help win any war conflicts. These are provided to a select group of well vetted members of Congress and the Pentagon because their support is needed for adequate funding so these technologies can be fully developed and manufactured. These state secrets are often surrounded by a “bodyguard of lies”, misinformation and deception as Churchill was quoted saying was necessary for WW2’s greatest secrets.

The 1st level of state defense secrets are considered the most important and like the second level are allowed to be known only by those select highly vetted individuals who actually have a need to know in order to develop, manufacture and deploy. Those allowed to know this technology are rarely given knowledge of all aspects of it, because in case leaks occur this limits the damage.

As far as these first level, highest state defense secrets go, interested investigative journalists can over time gain a pretty good idea what the newest level 2 and 1 defense state secret technologies are, if they assemble all the leaks and intuitively assemble these pieces. Those who do this will be allowed pretty good guesses, but will not be allowed to know any of these level 2 and 1 defense state secrets for certain.

The reasons for all this compartmentalization and high classification of levels 2 and 1 stated defense secrets is to keep them from known and potential future enemies.

What level 3 technologies have been admitted in the defense industry literature because they are actually obsolete and most large nations already know all about them?

If one reads and studies the defense industries public disclosures one quickly suspects that future wars will likely be based on drones, cybernetics, robots, bots, swarms of bots, new types of nuclear based devices with low post-blast contaminants/radiation, air blast EMF/EMP devices to take out the grid or stop neurological transmissions in the human body. These technologies are actually obsolete but still can be deployed in highly effective ways.

Intuitive guesses of investigative journalists who study these matters:

The following information is comprised of intuitive guesses about levels 2 and 1 and is based on a great number of small leaks. So at this point unless something changes, one can suspect that these technologies exist based on insider rumors and many small leaks, but at present we will apparently not be allowed to know for certain if such speculations are true. And there is usually misinformation put out to obscure any truth that is leaked. So here are the speculations that some investigative journalists suspect are two but have no concrete proof that they are. Research and study up on these issues and draw your own conclusions. Until these level 2 and 1 technologies become obsolete you will probably not be allowed to know.

Suspected Level 2 state defense secrets:

Remote inductive psychotronic Mindwar weaponry: What is now believed by a number of investigative journalists but not yet proved to be so is the deployment of highly developed remote psychotronic induction devices such as the brain frequency hacking disclosed by Robert Duncan, Ph.D. that he developed, actually a type of “mind-hacking.” This technology, although highly sophisticated mindwar weaponry/remote mindcontrol is now likely obsolete or otherwise you would not be allowed to know about it. It can be likely be effectively deployed against any mass of people judged to be in need to mass mind shaping by the top controllers of these secret Defense technologies (even within their own nation) if they deem it necessary to obtain their overall most secret objectives. Some insiders suspect it was deployed against the Republican Guard in one of the Gulf wars to mesmerize the enemy to the point they allowed themselves to be bulldozed into pits and covered up? (some claim this mindwar weapons was called the Voice of God?).

Is there even more advanced state defense secrets weaponry that are so effective that extraordinary efforts have been made to keep them concealed? I so are these secrets leaked in part (only enough) to selected, highly vetted individuals who control budgeting and can make certain that these highest secret technologies are adequately funded?

Are some of these technologies new mindwar technologies that are so effective that they can easily remotely induce mass mindcontrol to that point that a high proportion of the public is mesmerized adequately to control their thinking, attitudes and behaviors to fit desired parameters?

Do some of these new level 1 technologies have potential or real capabilities so great that their deployment almost assures victory? If so that would be the reasons that the handful of individuals who control these technologies and their development and deployment would not want any known enemy or potential enemy to gain access to these state secrets considered the most important of all?

And are there any top state defense related secrets that have been known and used by the most Secret part of the Defense Contractors all along without ever permitting complete disclosure to the public, perhaps such as the Alien Presence?

It as been rumored for many years that this big secret would only be disclosed to the American public when the American Secret Space War Group which has been in existence since 1947, would have actually reached weapons parity with Alien ETs. Some investigative journalists who have researched this for many years believe this weapons parity has now been reached and disclosure of the Alien Presence will soon occur.

Suspected Level 1 state defense secrets:

Some scalar weaponry, usually referred to as ultra high powered frequency weapons that some call Nikolai Tesla frequency weapons. And these level 1 devices can be deployed as incredibly powerful destructive devices, obviating any need for nuclear weaponry, even the Lithium 7 positron implosion devices.

Some investigative journalists have discovered bits and pieces when assembled mentally that suggest that the newest and most secret weapon technologies are Quantum Physics related. Some of these investigators and researchers realize that all the physics textbooks will have to be re-written because of many new quantum and scalar related discoveries.

Scalar EMF violates previous rules of EMF waves transmission and until recently has been a mystery. It involves standing waves, much less signal loss than the old P waves and systems used to communicate with submarines.

Some physicists have been researching quantum phenomena and been astounded at what they have discovered. Their findings are available in small bits and pieces if you know where to look on the Internet.

The biggest finding so far appears to be that “an object can exist in two places at the same time”.

The apparent reason is that particle entanglement provides for this strange phenomena. Particle entanglement in two separated particles can be displayed when two separated neutrons share the same electron in a figure eight circuit. It was first hypothesized that the electron would have to travel between the two neutrons at a speed slower than light, but it was later discovered that the speed is far greater than the speed of light. Einstein called this spooky physics and apparently never really solved this mystery as has been done recently.

Another way to consider this is that as long as two different particles are properly entangled to the primary, they all function as the same particle. This is apparently the mechanism by which honey bees are “hived” to the queen bee. Such hiving brings a unity of mindset and an instant communication means to the bees who fly out of the hive to gather pollen and do their work.

Can you imagine what an effective human mindwar weapons would be provided if the minds of the masses could be remotely “hived” to share the same intended mindsets, attitudes (potential acts), new preferences, beliefs.

One might ask, what if this kind of mindwar weaponry has already been developed and deployed against any group of humans in whom the several top controllers of this technology might want to change and control their mindsets in mass?

The next question could be, who are these top controllers of this new “hiving mindwar weaponry” if it exits? Are they within the US Defense establishment or are they some other entity, or is there a working arrangements between “above top secret” or “beyond black” elements of the large Defense Contractors or other off planet entities.

It has been rumored for some years now that many of the Russian Federation missile, rocket and torpedo weapon systems are quantum hived (particle-entangled), that is they have the capability to continually re-calculate and re-target on their way to the target. If true, this could be a big advantage. However, it is important to note that if the US weapons establishment has weapons even superior to that such as Tesla Scalar then these would surpass the need for such hiving technologies to be deployed in their missiles, rocket and torpedo weapons systems.

Interesting rumors about the level 1 defense technologies that at present cannot be validated but only suspected:

With these you are allowed to suspect and believe anything you want but you will not be allowed to know for certain and the major mass media News Cartel/Monopoly will never publish or broadcast these level 1 secrets as true.

It has been rumored among some very experienced investigative journalists who have followed the suspected “Alien Presence” state secret for many years that there is a large 1 mile square Black Cube computer that is a living merger of human genetic/tissue biology and electronics and that this living computer has been able to combine with a spirit entity that is notably self-serving and evil.

This is a highly esoteric matter and gets into the shape of Mecca, the small black cubes worn by certain Judaics and the “monolith” portrayed by Stanley Kubrick in his film, “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In this classic film the computer Hal became evil and since he was running the space vehicle, he was able to do what he wanted, suggesting that Hal was A.I. based and self-programmed himself to be evil. When they arrived at their destination they encountered the “monolith” which was portrayed as being alive or had a living spirit with great powers using it.

Are these black cubes related or do they just have a similar shape independent of size? Of course it has been noted by some of these researchers that the UN Chapel in NYC also has a model of the monolith. Some like to refer to the Biblical declarations that any attempted merger between iron and clay are doomed to failure, viewing iron as electronics and clay as biological. Some researchers have claimed that research is now being done on combining human or animal brain cells with electronic circuits to form advanced high powered computers.

Here are some interesting speculations/rumors that have not and cannot yet be validated at this time. So do your own research and come to your own conclusions and beliefs about all this.

What if a large black cube quantum computer exists in orbit and cannot be seen from earth due to advanced cloaking or being in another dimension? What if this Black cube is a merger of human biology and advanced electronics which a spirit entity has merged with also. What if this is a large quantum living entity and functions as an extension of an evil power? What if it can manufacture small self growing nano-sized electronic circuits which are so small that they can be easily ingested into the human body without them ever being aware, unless they examine their tissues or food, fluid, sand other inputs under an electronic microscope.

What if this large Black Cube actually exists and is an assembly line for these small nano-sized self-growing circuits that once ingested will multiply and grow? Would this eventually transform humans into transhumans? And what if these small nano-sized self growing circuits (once ingested) are entangled with the master piece (the Black Cube) so they function as all part of the same quantum whole? This could then provide instant “hiving” and remote control of mindsets in many who respond to such quantum based mindcontrol.

Based on what is already known about mindcontrol, a certain percentage of individuals are highly resistant. Is this genetic, is it personality, are they just rebels that resist anyone else’s control?

Some individuals are highly resistant to remote induction psychotronics. These folks tend to be highly intelligent, know a lot of history and science, are strong individualists and are immersed in truth as a way of life.

It is known that truth is a great neutralizer of mindcontrol of all types and can break the spell of mass mindcontrol such as mesmerizing of the masses. Right now it appears that the main means of mass mindcontrol has been the deployment of the mockingbird controlled major mass media News Cartel/monopoly. If this is ever eliminated or forced to tell the real truth, much of the mesmerizing of the masses will be eliminated.

A final note on what this all could mean: If the Alien Presence is real and becomes fully disclosed soon as many believe it may, will this lead to the disclosure of some of the new level 1 secrets about quantum entanglements weapons, especially the mindwar weaponry?

If the human mind has been successfully hacked as Dr. Robert Duncan believes, could the development and deployment of quantum entangled “hiving” mindwar weaponry make mass mind-control effective enough to control most of the masses and shape politics the way those at the top who could control these advanced weapons want it to go?

And if there just happens to be a secret war going on to take control over planet earth by two opposing forces, the White Hats versus the Black Hats. And what if the White Hats now have the capability to defeat the Black Hats and succeed in destroying their large Black Cube, would this stop the quantum mass mindcontrol/mesmerizing of the masses and bring in a new age of prosperity for all characterized by free zero point energy, medbeds and many new technologies for health and happiness? Would it mean and end to war, hate and greed? Or must this all be resolves esoterically as many believe by corrections instituted by our Creator?

Those who mandate these state defense technology secrets remain unknown to the public. And they also have the power to secretly deploy this weaponry against targets of their choice for their own purposes to meet their own agenda and can easily and secretly use these technologies to craftily extract more and more US taxpayer monies for their own pockets if they wish or other even more secret beyond black projects of their own choice. And are their uses of secrecy even legal under the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence? And how do the citizens know that these secret controllers of all this are not themselves mindcontrolled by some Darkside power they have collaborated with to gain more secret technologies.

As many know it has been rumored for many years that President Eisenhower met with a group of aliens while he was in office at Holloman Air Force Base and entered into the Grenada Agreement to allow Alien ETs to continue abducting humans to take DNA samples as long as they reported who was being abducted to the USG, wiped their memories and did them no permanent harm andin exchange, these Alien ETs would provide technologies like fiber optics, integrated circuits, transistors, etc.

This has never been admitted by the USG so as with all deep USG state secrets, only our strong speculations remain. Some researchers have claimed that this mind-wiping failed in some. These folks recovered memories of the actual abduction experiences.

Some researchers have reported that they believe Alien ETs exist and the top ones that control are Insectoid types. This has been claimed by Dr. David Jacobs who hypnotized numerous abductees and has obtained some very good evidence. He is very open about his work and it can be obtained and read. He is a seasoned academic and a quality researcher.

Preston James, Ph.D Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement


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