The Occupation of Rafah Crossing and the Hypocrisy of Sisi’s Policies

By, Alexander Yohannes

Israel occupies the Rafah border crossing despite the fact that Egypt announced a few months ago that Rafah is the red line.

This border crossing, located in the Gaza Strip, serves as a vital lifeline for Palestinians seeking to travel in and out of the territory. However, despite previous announcements stating that Rafah is the red line, the same country that cares more about helping faraway Somalia wage Hybrid War against Ethiopia over a region that Mogadishu lost 33 years ago than alleviating the suffering of its Palestinian co-ethnics who live right next to it. Israel is currently doing to Gaza exactly what Egypt falsely claimed that Ethiopia is plotting to do to Somalia, yet Sisi is turning a blind eye to the former and hopes to distract the world from this by saber-rattling against the latter.

Contrasting Priorities

This Egypt’s contradictory actions highlight the stark contrast between its stated principles and the reality of its policies. While it continues to issue warnings about alleged aggression against Somalia, it is simultaneously perpetuating the suffering of Palestinians living right next door. This hypocrisy raises serious questions about its commitment to justice and fairness.

Focus on Financial Gain

In a previous post on my Telegram Channel, we discussed the IMF loan to Egypt. This loan came with conditions, including a 40% currency devaluation, which has had devastating consequences for the Egyptian economy. However, it appears that the well-being of the Palestinian people has taken a back seat to Egypt’s economic needs.

Blockade on Gaza

The other and most important condition is other than making statement after statement about the Israelis war crime in Gaza, Egypt agreed not to make any kind of move against Israel.

The Rafah border crossing is the only gateway to the Gaza Strip that bypasses Israel, making it an essential lifeline for the Palestinian people. However, Egypt, despite its claims to be a supporter of the Palestinian cause, has maintained a blockade on the Gaza Strip, exacerbating the already dire humanitarian situation. This blockade, which has been in place for years, has resulted in severe shortages of basic necessities, such as food and fuel, for the civilian population.

To add insult to injury, the Egyptian government is currently allowing Zionist actions in Gaza to proceed unchecked. This goes against the statements made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who has falsely claimed that his country is the target of a “Zionist conspiracy.” Sisi’s willingness to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza while engaging in saber-rattling against Israel is nothing short of appalling.

The Egyptian Telegram Channel’s Silence over Rafah Crossing with Egypt

The Egyptian Telegram channel @themediterraneanman has been actively posting statements after statement about the MOU between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

However, his relentless attacks have taken a turn towards information warfare, targeting Ethiopia. One particular statement made by the channel stated that FANO (Front for the Liberation of Oromia) has complete control over the Gondar region. This allegation is not only baseless but also raises questions about the channel’s credibility.

The Egyptian government’s reluctance to engage in conflict with Israel over Palestine is rooted in the understanding that a war with Israel would essentially mean a confrontation with the USA, a risk deemed too high for Egypt to take for the sake of Palestine. Egypt’s strategic position as a mediator between Israel and Arab countries makes it crucial for the country to maintain a balance between its support for Palestine and its concerns about its security.

It is important to note that Egypt has been actively involved in various diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict in Palestine. However, the risks involved in a military intervention against the IDF make the Egyptian government cautious. Egypt’s priorities lie in maintaining stability and avoiding direct confrontation with its powerful neighbor, the USA.

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