United States of America and its allies created terrorist groups in Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan to kill innocent muslims and to control their resources
Here are USA and it’s Allies major crimes
USA and Israel created isis terrorists group in middle east to overthrow Syria and Iraq independent government and to import their puppet government. But Russia and Iran wiped out those American funded terrorists .

USA and it’s Allies created Taliban in Afghanistan to make it dangerous for Russia and China because peaceful Afghanistan will become under control of Russia and China that’s why USA secretly supporting terrorism in Afghanistan.

USA supports terrorists in Africa to control African countries resources and administrations.

USA its Allies destroyed economy of Africa and Iran ,Pakistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Valenzuela Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen .

What USA did to Libya?
Libya was the richest country of Africa .
When Gaddafi was a president of Libya he provide free Healthcare, free education and people were happy and economy was strong then USA killed Gaddafi and stole Libyan resources Now Libya have poverty and crisis.

What USA did to Afghanistan?
In 1978 ( before invasion of West) Afghanistan was secular peaceful Islamic society , women used to wear their cultural clothes ( no force burqa etc) Afghanistan economy was better than some European countries. Women and men used to hang together sing together and dance together ( watch on YouTube).
But that time USA and Russia( Soviet union) were invading many countries ,and USA wanted to control peaceful Afghanistan and Russia wanted the same .
Then USA created a terrorist group named Mujahedeen to make Afghanistan a battle field to fight against Russia. After USA terrorism Afghanistan lost everything, lost their beautiful culture, lost peace, lost economy and lost women rights and it’s still going on and those terrorists now called Talibans.

What USA did to Iraq?
Iraq was a peaceful country and their economy was better than European countries then USA invaded Iraq in 2002 they control resources, killed innocent muslims and then left Iraq in chaos.

Now USA want to destroy Russia and China they want to come to the doorstep of Russia and China but Russia and China are strong enough the defend their counties from the evil USA .
USA ,Israel and their allies destroyed the world peace now every country spend their most budget on weapons and defense instead of education, healthcare, infrastructure etc.

USA never fought for peace and democracy they always lied .They controlled the entire world media to spread lies and hide the truth.

USA is the virus to this planet their people are not too bad but the leaders are power hungry and greedy.


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