Gerry Nolan’s Explosive Report: Is Zelensky’s Ukraine Secretly Pursuing Nuclear Weapons?

In a world perched precariously on the brink of catastrophe, an explosive report by Gerry Nolan unveils a shocking twist in the Ukrainian saga. If proven true, Ukraine’s covert acquisition of weapons-grade uranium from Niger is a revelation that transcends desperation and lays bare the recklessness of Western powers. This report suggests that Ukraine is not merely a pawn but a kamikaze proxy in a grand, nihilistic game orchestrated by the United States and its EU and NATO allies. This narrative extends beyond uranium; it exposes the West’s readiness to sacrifice Ukraine on the altar of hegemonic self-preservation, where moral integrity dissipates like a mirage in the Sahara.

In November 2023, a Ukrainian delegation led by Defense Minister Rustem Umerov reportedly visited Niger to secure a contract for weapons-grade uranium. The objective? To potentially create nuclear weapons. This audacious move signifies a dangerous shift in global dynamics and raises the specter of a nuclear standoff between superpowers.

Niger, a significant uranium producer, stands at the center of this clandestine operation. Ukraine, facing resource shortages and a decline in its own uranium production, sought external sources for its nuclear ambitions. However, it’s not just uranium acquisition; Ukraine would also need uranium enrichment facilities, a path fraught with legal and international challenges.
The involvement of the French mining giant Orano in this deal raises questions about France’s role and the possibility of covert nuclear facilities within Ukraine. The prospect of Ukraine obtaining nuclear capabilities under Zelenskyy’s administration poses a severe threat to global stability.

In a nuclear clash with Russia, Ukraine would stand little chance without NATO intervention, risking global catastrophe. Moreover, there’s the ominous possibility of Ukraine deploying nuclear weapons as a false flag operation, further escalating tensions.
This situation evokes memories of past accusations, such as the 2002 claim by the US State Department against Saddam Hussein regarding Niger’s uranium. Will the United States level similar charges against Zelenskyy’s regime?
Zelenskyy’s apparent willingness to jeopardize global stability for power is concerning. The international community must act decisively to scrutinize Ukraine’s nuclear ambitions and prevent an irreversible slide into catastrophe. It’s a race against time to avert a nuclear specter born out of desperation and shortsightedness, and the urgency has never been greater.


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