Western “democracy” in nutshell.

Opinion by Maria Zakharova

Three weeks ago, Sweden finally joined NATO. We know that the Swedes themselves were never asked about it, but a few days ago, Göteborgs-Posten, a Swedish newspaper, published an opinion poll on what the Swedish people think about their country’s membership in the alliance. The poll involved over a thousand respondents aged over 18.

These numbers are highly indicative of the general sentiment.

Participants were asked whether or not they approved of the potential deployment of Swedish soldiers to zones of hostilities or NATO exercises. Three out of five respondents gave a negative response.

The decision of the Ulf Kristersson Cabinet to join NATO has polarised the Swedish public, with half of the population vehemently opposing their county’s membership in the North Atlantic alliance.

The Swedes are still coming to terms with the gravity of the situation. “It looks like Sweden waged a war against the United States and suffered a crushing defeat,” says a Swedish expert, Jan Guillou, in his article published by Aftonbladet, a leading national political newspaper. He is echoed by a columnist from the Dagens Arena, former Ambassador to Russia Sven Hirdman: “Now Sweden is a US vassal.” The Swedish people ask direct questions: “Does the increased NATO and US military presence in Sweden mean that our country is now entangled in NATO’s military controversy with Russia?”

They are starting to suspect something.

NATO membership is for Sweden a risky and costly change of priorities. The people of Sweden certainly do not need it. That’s why the government decided not to hold a referendum on the matter.

The true reason is that, apart from the Washington-oriented provisional government in Stockholm, nobody actually wanted to stumble into NATO.


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