Western Media on Russia – Ukraine War; African Perspective Cannot Found

As the Russian Ukrainian saga unfolds many aspects intrigue me as a person, Pan Africanist, South African and I wonder where is the truth and what is the principle that underpins the so called “invasion” and the different parties naming the saga an “invasion”. For me I’m trying to understand public sentiment around the matter and it shows our own biases to the players, subscription to the media narrative and somewhere in between the loss of truth. As is said “in war the first casualty is truth” and now this is a truism playing out before us and on our watch.

Uniting for Disunity

The dominant narrative by the western media is that it is an invasion but that narrative is driven by entities that have themselves engaged in many “invasions”, regime changes and assassinations under the rubric of democracy. The term is very loaded and serves political interests and should be taken with a pinch of salt if not a whole shaker of salt. The parties like Europe, the United States of America are in themselves entities that have united for particular purposes and those purposes include war, invasion and regime change aside from destabilization of sovereign nations. America and NATO are themselves uniting to form a hegemonic entity that sustains war and division and now supports, and initiates, the division of other countries who seek unity within themselves. It’s extremely hypocritical for these entities to themselves seek unity yet destroy the unity of the federation of Russia which has the capability to challenge their hegemony that has brought war, famine and misery on the planet. This is further exacerbated when one looks at the political games of proxy war and colour revolutions destabilize other countries and use their media machine to sanitize them.

Ukrainian Coup

Ukraine is not as innocent as the media makes it out to be and neither is America and Europe.  The reactionary forces in Ukraine overthrew an elected government and installed proxies of the USA. The USA has been shipping arms to the coup plotters for a long time this to encircle Russia and control the flow of gas and threats to its hegemony. This is further an interference in the affairs of sovereign nations and could constitute an act of war by international standards. As Ukraine was a part of Russia and overthrew a legitimate government aligned to Russia that was and still is its motherland could this be an “invasion” or Russia making a strategic and legitimate move to reclaim and protect its sovereign state? A referendum was held and the people indicated that they wish to return to the Russian Federation but that was thwarted by the coup plotters. So in the final analysis is it an “invasion” or reclamation of state property where the people have expressed their will which was ignored or interfered with and they want to return to their motherland. 

Hypocritical Corporate Media

The hypocrisy of United States of America and the European Union is that they would not allow any other country or state of theirs to secede from them, or allow arms imports into that country, but want to claim the moral high ground when they arm other countries for their states to secede. They go further and overthrow governments which they wouldn’t allow in their own backyards. If Africa or Russia or China decided to overthrow France through a coup and armed the coup plotters against Europe or America there would be outrage and a furor in the media in support of the United States or the European Union not vilification. Russia in defending its union has become victim of a false moral outrage and vengeance from a very dubious and politicized media to serve the ends of the twin imperialist of Europe and America.
Division and Pan Africanism
As a Pan Africanist I understand the need and desire of the Russian Federation to keep its unity as I myself would want the unity of the African continent. Russia is not the only victim of destabilization as this is happening in Africa as well whether in Ethiopia or Sudan it’s the same imperial monster controlling, and manipulating the unions of all countries and continent including Africa. Just as Russia has something to fear from the imperialist monsters so do we in Africa and we need to be vigilant because it might be Russia today and it will inevitably be Africa tomorrow!

Secession of American states

Whilst one might regret the loss of lives in the conflict one must look at the root causes and one of the root causes is economics based on oil and strategic interests. America will lose billions of dollars if the pipeline connecting Russia to its markets comes to fruition and it does not want to lose that revenue especially to Russia. America and Europe seek to dominate the gas and oil market to ensure they remain solvent and ensure the dollar retains its falling value as a means of exchange. These are interesting time and it begs what position will Africa take in this global geopolitical game that has longer term implications. America is deep into the Medico-Fascist game of medico-Imperialism and does not want anyone to disturb it as it sinks its claws deeper into countries like Canada and changes the political fabric of Canadian democracy. Maybe its time to get Texas and other states to secede and snd arms to them for the American position to be justified towards Russia.

Personally I regret the loss of life but with American, European and NATO hegemony many more lives will be lost, many more wars will be created and many more sovereign nations destabilized and thus Russia must have strength to ward off the beast if not dethrone it all together. Russia cannot afford to leave the beast rampaging all over the planet bringing poverty, misery and violence in its wake.

More power to Russia and less power to the war mongers called United States of America, European Union and NATO.

The military Industrial Complex and Ukraine

Oppression and war will only end when the war mongers are subdued or put in their graves. The Military Industrial Complex will make another killing in order to offset the loss of revenue brought about by the Russian gas pipeline. The Military Industrial Complex makes its profits from wars and this is yet another lucrative business deal for its blood profits. Without weapons or war the business would fail therefore from its perspective in needs new business and new wars as the War On Terror and the War On Drugs subside. To be sustainable it needs war as a junkie needs a fix and Ukraine is the perfect business deal that it needs more than ever. Another war will fill its coffers and bloat its profit margins so why shouldn’t it root for war?    

It’s time to rethink how we want the world to operate and we need to reset the balance of power and hegemonic power balances. Until the global powers have equal powers strength will always be a factor deciding on who is king and who is serf.
Rassool Jibraeel Snyman
“Anti Treason Movement”

Seriously speaking. Africa needs it’s own CNN, Al jazeera. Our continent is the last frontier. Africa’s GDP is fluctuating between 1.8-2.2% of the global GDP. This should be a cause for concern to us as black people. I appreciate the likes of Tony Elumelu with what he’s doing with his TEF, and his pan Africanism concept but it is only a drop in the ocean. We need more of his kind spread across the African continent.

A lot of us are not really seeing thing from the prizm I look at issues surrounding us. We seem to be comfortable with mediocre faux success. The few of us that has crossed a certain level of comfort are only but marking time and waiting for death but while they lived, they enjoy life and keep some wealth for their children. In the real scheme of things, this is not how to live. But hey, I do not have the right to dictate to anyone how to live. However, life will compel you by presenting situations to you that you are nothing but a grit in the mist of pebbles and rocks. The harrassment you get at the airport and embassies, the disrespect meted upon you by those in other clime will compel you to realize you are not regarded.

Before now, the white man used to be at the top of the food chain, followed by the white woman, followed by the rest of us with the black race being the least. However, and recently too, cartoons have been placed above the black race. The stratification based on the belief that some races are more superior can, maybe be understood but putting a cartoon ahead of my race says a lot about how we are being perceived.

I believe this narrative can be changed only through the power of our own media. You control the media whether traditional or social, you’ll control the mind of people. The media has the capacity to throw up other byproducts that will lead to development through social engineering.

I was going through the 77 page Agreement establishing the African Continental free trade area and realized that the final execution of the content therein was slated for 2063. First of, we do not need to make this happen in its totality by 2063. President Obasanjo and his then South African counterpart president Thabo Mbeki in 2002 sign the African Growth Opportunity Act AGOA in 2002 and we are yet to achieve anything from that treaty almost 20years after.

It was Elon Musk who said that if you budget 30days to do a work, the work will be completed in 30days but if you budget 3hours for thesame work, it will surely be done in 3hours (paraphrased)

Howbeit, which media house in Nigeria or Africa is really dissecting the AFCTA Agreement. Who is leading the conversation, the type of conversation that will compel policy makers to act accordingly. Are we just going to wait and continue as if it doesn’t matter while the Asian tigers take advantage of our business terrain.

Africa should control its media space, we should be able to showcase ourselves in the positive light. We should show the world that we have what it takes, our youths should be exposed to information that will help them make informed decision. Only our own indigenous media can do that for us.


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