Why are Saudis developing their own ballistic missiles?

What is clear is that the United States has been silent on the matter since the Saudi missile project was completed two years ago.  During the Trump administration, Democrats allege that Trump inspired the Saudi project.  One year after the Biden administration, the United States has not made an official statement.  The United States has remained silent, even with intelligence on some large shipments of highly sensitive technology;  However, everyone believes that the Saudi project is a major obstacle to US nuclear arms control talks with Iran.  Uncertainty over whether the United States will directly assist the Saudis in a possible war with Iran may have led the Saudis to develop their own ballistic missiles.  But the years of silence of the Trump and Biden administrations on this project are proof of the indirect recognition of the United States.  Two years ago, Stratfor said that the United States would be forced to take action against the Saudis if the Saudis test-fired a missile.  But is the Biden administration waiting for a test flight?  Or is the Biden administration reluctant to take action against the Saudis because of doubts about the success of talks with Iran?  In other words, Saudi Arabia’s missile program may be giving the United States a chance to negotiate with Iran.  However, many say that the Saudis, who depend on the Americans, fear for their own safety when the United States withdraws from the Middle East.  The Saudis’ project may have come from that fear.  Friends of the United States can no longer rely on the United States for their own security.  In this context, as the arms race in the Middle East increases, so does the possibility of military conflict.


What does it mean to change US policy in Ethiopia’s civil war?

January 20, 2022

Although the Biden administration has not taken any steps to end the war in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian government is threatening to impose sanctions on Ethiopia so that it does not easily go to war.  However, there is no reason to think that the United States will blockade the UAE or Turkey for supplying weapons in this war.  While the Trump administration supports the Ethiopian government’s efforts to protect its geographical integrity, the Biden administration seeks to highlight the Ethiopian government’s human rights abuses there.  That means protecting Ethiopia’s integrity is no longer important to the US government


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