Ana Gomes speaks of aid agencies hidden
interests in Ethiopia

The so-called development apparatus operating in Ethiopia seem to want the people in desperate need
of humanitarian assist mostly for their vested
interest, former Member of the European Parliament and European Union (EU) chief observer for Ethiopia’s national election in 2005 Ana Gomes said adding: “That’s why these agencies are always trying to prolong a given disaster as much as possible.”
Recently, she told a media that western
aid agencies are not really interested in
seeing self–reliant Ethiopia via the ongoing
sweeping reform in the country. [They are
in vain to bringing back the old regime
that ruled Ethiopia for the past 27 years

There were a lot of industries of the
development aid during the TPLF’s 27 years
of leadership in different member states
particularly UK, France, and Germany which
want things to go on as it was, she added.
“They want to keep the conflict going. They
want to cover up the baseless narratives
of the regime (EPRDF). Once we had big
trouble with them because they were led by
a commissioner who was a great friend of
former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi,” she

Ana Gomes speaks of aid agencies hidden
interests in Ethiopia AU staffer deserves hero award: Ethiopian, African “During Ethiopian national election 2005, the commissioner and his friends tried to
rewrite our final reports of EU observer.
However, the observer team said no.” According to her, Ethiopia should get rid of the hidden agendas of relief agencies. Ethiopia has the full capacity to overcome
the current challenges.

the Ethiopian herald, tewodros kassa


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