Ethiopia fighting with non-state terrorist group – Ann Fitz-Gerald

Ann Fitz-Gerald told the international community that Ethiopia
is fighting with non-state terrorist group TPLF that has a blessing of some world powers and international media outlets for deceiving the world.
Conducting an interview with Rabble,
California, Wilfrid Laurier University’s
Political Science Department Professor,
Ann Fitz-Gerald, stated the Biden administration has, as iniquitous players behind the scenes, based on statements and decisions which mirror the TPLF
propaganda, chosen to support the TPLF
rather than labeling it a terrorist as other
countries are doing. The group, of course,
has been compromising the national
interests, but Ethiopia is well overcoming
its futile attempts for the latter is proud of
its citizens’ unity and fraternity.
It is well recognized that the TPLF had
never allowed international media to
report over the last 27 years when it had
been in power. However, the terrorist
group did eventually allow journalists and
analysts who didn’t question their Marxist
theory to deal with ideas and give special
attention to the U.S. Both strategies are
now paying off, according to her.
She recalled that earlier in August,
Samantha Power, USAID Head, travelled
to Ethiopia and her statements eerily
Ethiopia fighting with non-state terrorist group: Ann Fitz-Gerald mimicked TPLF propaganda. Her recent
trip resulted in a call for the TPLF to
withdraw from the neighboring regions of
Afar and Amhara.
As to Ann Fitz-Gerald, following the
TPLF’s incursion into the town of Lalibela,
the U.S. government chose not to condemn
the invasion, violation of human rights;
instead, the administration expressed
concern the damage posed on Lalibela’s
cultural heritage sites. This by itself is
tantamount to giving recognition to the
terrorist invasion.

Having a stay with BBC,
“TPLF is a non-State terrorist group
supported by the international community
that adheres to Mao Zedong’s insurgency
doctrine to a tee, including the use of
guerilla warfare while simultaneously
disseminating misinformation about the
government culminating in civil war.”
The difference between the 1930’s and
today is that the TPLF has keyboard
warriors on social media and their
propaganda has immediate, far-reaching
effects, she indicated.
With TPLF demands changing and
updating as each week goes by, FitzGerald
maintained that “As the TPLF has
not communicated any strategic objective
or desirable end state as an outcome to
the conflict, those who support its agenda
are doing so at a considerable risk”. After
this ceasefire is reached, the TPLF demand
inclusive political dialogue with the major
political forces in Ethiopia in order to arrive
at a transitional arrangement to decide the
political future of Ethiopia in the presence
of the legitimately elected government.
This is a foolish approach to purely
deceive the international community. To
the surprise of everyone, the U.S. and some
western countries have taken this deceitful
approach for granted.
The TPLF was a dominant force for close
to 30 years until Prime Minister Abiy
Ahmed came to power in 2018.


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