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የተወደዳችሁ የኢትዮጵያ ልጆች ፦ ከሥር ከ 1 እስከ 24 የተቀመጡትን የ “Click to Tweet” መፈክሮች እየተጫኑ ትዊተር ገጽዎ ላይ ትዊት በማድረግ ለእናት ኢትዮጵያ ድምፅዎን ለዓለም ያሰሙ።

After we thank God, we thank president Erdogan, and after him all the Turkish people. Our hands are clasped with those of the Turkish people, We will never forget what you did for us #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan @MFATurkey… Share on X " #Eth will never forget the critical time cooperation the people and government of Turkey extended to us" PM Abiy Ahmed's Tweet following the precious time with President @RTErdogan #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan @MFATurkey… Share on X As a nation and as a state, Both #Turkey & #ETH have been in a historic struggle again in recent years, to protect their existence & future. Because the 2 giants are on the eve of becoming stronger & prosperous #VivaTurkey #SalutRTErdogan… Share on X The #HOA, #Ethiopia and #Turkey have historical and cultural ties. Strengthening of economic and military ties between the two countries,can help stablize the turbulent Horn of Africa's region. #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan #StrongerTogether Share on X More than a century,Turkey has been reliable ally to Ethiopia.The recent high-level visits & military pact signed to deepen ties had nothing to do with the bark by #TPLF@RTErdogan #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan @MFATurkey… Share on X @RTErdogan "Sometimes a single hero changes the fate of the whole nation. On July 2016, millions of heroes emerged from all corners of #Turkey & left a mark on the nation’s future" the same unity is been displaying in #eth #VivaTurkey… Share on X We Ethiopians, appreciate the Turkish people & @RTErdogan,who wouldn't kneel down 2 Z selfish US interventions, & we strongly believe that Turkey is a real & strategic partner for big to our country #VivaTurkey… Share on X Ethiopia has been Fighting western invaders, they Seems to be friends, But Enemies & Conditionals. Some leaders are very Genuine like @RTErdoganA friend in need a friend indeed #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan @MFATurkey… Share on X The consequential visit of @AbiyAhmedAli to #Turkey heralds a new diplomatic paradigm to correct the long held hegemony of western powers, especially for Africa@RTErdogan #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @MFATurkey @trpresidency @EU_Commission Share on X President @RTErdogan’s visit to #Mogadishu ten years ago, has been a source of inspiration for humanity.We #ethiopians are also happy to see our ties keep strengthened with brotherly #Turkey ?? #VivaTurkey… Share on X We respect Turkey & its people.Standing for justice, Turkey deserves to be super power No one will trust the USA henceforth. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan@RTErdogan @MFATurkey @trpresidency @EU_Commission Share on X Turkish support, through these challenging times when Z world has turned its back on us. #Ethiopia will never forget. Thanks for this hard moment allowed us to to distinguish, enemies & real ones #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan… Share on X Turkey, Russia, China India, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, South Sudan, & some others ❤ we #Ethiopians have great respect for you all for truely stand with the truth.@RTErdogan #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan #SalutRTErdogan @RTErdogan @MFATurkey… Share on X All Ethiopians appreciate #Turkey’s support in #Ethiopia’s continued development and stability. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X Ethiopia will never forget the critical time cooperation the people and government of Turkey extended to us. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X Ethiopia & Turkey historical and cultural bonds have stood the test of time. This’s what we call all weather friendship! #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X We know why our enemies are angry with Ethiopia & Turkey friendship. It’s hard to find a friendship based on mutual respect and trust as well as cooperation for joint development. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X Modern-day Turkey stands as a model for pursuing an independent national course of development defined by the interest of their own people. Why not Ethiopia? #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X Ethiopia will continue to avail conducive investment condition for Turkish investors. This is the least what all weather friends can do. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X Ethiopians admire Turkish Airways and the Turkish film industry. It’s time to dig deep for more inspirations from Turkey. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X We Ethiopians appreciate Turkey for showing genuine friendship to Ethiopia in its time of need. That’s the true mark of friendship. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X President Tayyip Erdogan called Ethiopia a reliable and trustworthy country. Our enemies would have said the same had they been true to principled friendship. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X When a country signs a military agreement with the West, they call it friendship & business. If the agreement is w/ Turkey it suddenly becomes a file for genocide. #VivaTurkey #VivaTayyipErdoğan Share on X "In a hotel bar in Addis, #Ethiopia|n couple wrestle with remote control, b/n US election CNN, news on local media, & Turkish drama, Adi Mutluluk (Happiness)& choose Turkish drama dubbed into Amharic“we both love this” couple echoedFinancial times, Jan… Share on X


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