Language is the most important element of love and spirituality. The Tower of Babel* was constructed around 600 BC when human languages diverged. Before its construction, all humanity spoke the same language in relative unity. It was a language centered on the heart rather than mind. All brains are different, but all human hearts have similar properties and speak the SAME language. This period coincides with Prophet Idrees (AS) (aka “Hermes” or “Enoch”).

Moreover, the languages of the world are interconnected. All trans-lingual phonetic ‘coincidences’ (there respective meanings in each language inclusive) are programming ‘key words’ which alter the space time continuum around the world to control events. This is how the battle between good and evil plays out. What matters is whether a particular ‘key word’ is active in the direction of God or the Devil. Polarity is assessed by the feeling generated by a word in your heart. Depending on the ‘polarity’ of each key word, that word (or syllable) and its associated concepts, affect event causation on in the world toward benefit or harm. Holy scriptures and prayers allow flipping key word polarity toward good (love), while evil texts of witchcraft allow flipping of key word polarity toward evil (hate/division). Thus, the balance between good and evil is maintained. The major themes of this “spiritual property of language” are the attractive forces that hold the universe together–thus the primary ‘attractive force’ applicable to cohesion of human society is LOVE! This language is called “ON”.

Many linguists know that a single language once existed in the past from which all languages that exist today originated from. Most languages fall under certain groups such as the Indo-European or Austronesian families. All languages can be traced back to certain geographic regions with the Indo-European language family it goes back to the Caucasus/Georgia/Armenia and Northern Iran.

*[“Babel” is the ancient name of the Civilization of Babylon.]

There is also a language learning software called Babbel:


Usually this mission is tactfully covered up by the world with cunning, deception, bedazzlement and guile. But women are beginning to see through the clever fog of misinformation, lies and confusion deployed by Evil. The underlying reason for this motive is extreme envy of her being loved. The global feminist, “#MeToo”, “#TimesUp”, sexual rights and anti-Rape riots, protests, and uprisings around the world are evidence of women’s increasing awareness of their global plight. In addition, there are many supernatural means employed by evil to blind women of Earth to what is happening around them. Consequently the power of saints is required to restore sight to women and allow them all to see what is really happening in the world. (Please see the attached documents and messages.)

Sex is not accessible at present to 98.5% of human beings of the world (see attached Table). A recent study demonstrates that the population in over 120 countries (roughly 50% of the world’s nations) is collapsing due to insufficient conception events ( Hence, there is a shortage of man power in highly industrialized countries like Japan and Germany. (“ON” refers to “Symbolic for” or “Analogous to”)

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The other images also contain EXTREMELY important information.

-Dr. Mohammed Talha Shekhani, “THE MAHDI” a.k.a. “OPTIMUS PRIME”


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