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سد النهضة لأفريقيا

– لورانس فريمان ، محلل سياسي-اقتصادي أمريكي لأفريقيا سيدخل سد النهضة أكثر من 5000 ميغاواط من الكهرباء المتجددة في شبه القارة الأفريقية المتعطشة للطاقة.  مع

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ቁርአንና ስነ-ውሃ ጥናት hydrology

ሃይድሮሎጅይ የሚለው ቃል ከሁለት ቃላት ማለትም ሃይድሮውሃ እና ሎጂኣጥናት ከሚሉት የግሪክ ቃላትየተዋቀረ ሲሆን ስነ-ውሃ ጥናት ማለት ነው፣ ይህ ቋንቋዊ ፍቺው ሲሆን ሙያዊ ፍቺው ደግሞ ውሃ ማለት ሁለት

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Time for a New Economic Partnership with Africa

Instead of waiting for Africa to complete AfCFTA negotiations before seeking to conclude a formal trade agreement with the unified bloc, as some observers have suggested, the United States should focus on the content of specific sections in the AfCFTA agreement. To the extent that the AfCFTA incorporates terms that effectively meet some of the same benchmarks the United States would normally include in a bilateral FTA, the practical effect for U.S. companies could end up being much the same. The chapter on digital trade is perhaps the clearest case in point, with the provisions on intellectual property rights, services, dispute settlement,