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Foreign volunteers in Ukraine

by Strategika “The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera broadcast a rather interesting diagram on the countries of origin of the foreign “volunteers” who joined Ukraine to fight against

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የሞስኮ ስትራቴጂክ ጉዞ – በኢትዮ-ግብፅ

(ለአሁናዊ ሁነቶች መደላድል የነበሩ ቅድመ ተግባራትን በጨረፍታ ለመመልከት ከስምንት ወር በፊት ያሰፈርኩትን ፅሁፍ ልጋብዝ) በፀጥታው ም.ቤት ሩሲያ ኢትዮጵያን በግልፅ መደገፏና ማንኛውም የምዕራባዊያን ጫና እንዳይደርግባት ስታስጠነቅቅ

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Out of Africa: Rich continent, poor people

Originally published: JOMO  on May, 2022 (m KUALA LUMPUR: Capital flight from the global South is immense, with widespread adverse effects. A new book proposes measures to curb, even reverse