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Esleman Abay

Interested in deepening the discussion about new Nile projects, the website as a platform explores the engagements of water users, planners and researchers in multiple projects of river basin development. By experimenting with different theories and methodologies of representing river basin development experiences, we aim to open up new perspectives on the simultaneous transformation of the Nile water distribution, differences between its users and categories through which these are known.

ለአንዳንድ ኢ-መደበኛ ታጣቂዎች መፈጠር የመደበኛው ታጣቂ መዋቅር ዳተኝነት ምክንያት ቢሆንስ?

ጌታሁን ሄራሞ ይህ በግለሰብ ደረጃ ራስን ከጥቃት መከላከል አለፍ ሲል ወደ ቡድናዊ መከላከልም ከፍ ሊል ይችላል። በሀገሪቱ በተለያዩ ክልሎች ተሰራጭተው የሚኖሩ የብሔራቸው አባላት የሆኑ ዜጎች

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